Songs for Rosetta


Noticing the frequency of comet-related songs in my library, I just had to create a playlist for Rosetta:

I’ve Been Asleep for a Long, Long Time, Hey Rosetta!
Awake on Foreign Shores, Colin Stetson
Judges, Colin Stetson
Believing Makes it Easy, Shearwater
Lost Time, Little Comets
Long Neglected Words, Benoit & Sergio
Comets, Fanfarlo
Soft Offering (for the Oft Suffering), Hey Rosetta!

How perfect is a song titled “I’ve Been Asleep for a Long, Long Time” for a spacecraft that spent three years in deep hibernation, by a band called Hey Rosetta!? What about a song (Lost Time) by a group called Little Comets from the album In Search of Elusive Little Comets?


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